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Do not tell us you don’t have a lucky charm. Dude, c’mon! Every man watching the NFL needs one. You might consider having NFL figurines as your lucky charms. We assure you that you will have an emotional connection with them.


A Variety of Tiki-Style Ornaments, Just For You!


So, you gonna buy yourself some figurines. You have to decide, tho. What do you want? You want something that stands at your table while you watchin’ a game? If it’s a yes, then you gotta check out tiki mascots! With a size of 3 x 3 x 14.6 inches, it will just suit perfectly to your table.


You said “Nah!”? No biggies, fam. You might be looking for something more authentic. That’s aight!  Ganderize our tiki figurines, they have the authenticity you need!


Too authentic? Maybe you wanna have something in between two worlds. OK, we gotchu! Check out our NFL tiki totems, and see the beauty of merging your team and the authenticity! These tiki totems are the same size as the tiki figurines. So, no need to worry about the size!


Outdoor Use? We Got That!


You not satisfied? Well, no problem. Maybe you are looking for something to use outdoor. Let’s say, you want to have something to use in your garden. Bro, have you ever heard a lit tiki? This can be used in your garden, or indoors if you will, and it has lights. The flame on top of it and its eyes can be lit! It will be a symbol of your undying love for your team.


Also, you might want to have something big, like really big. A team garden statue will be big enough! A statue with a height of 36” in your garden will show whose territory this is!


What are you waiting for? Just take a look at our website, we have shown you we have plenty of different styles! It is up to you now. You can always find the figurine you want on our website! All you have to do is just purchasing one.