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Licensed Framed Art – Spirder Man Spider Verse


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In this dynamic, engaging celebration of all things Spider-Man, eight separate comic book cells depict the mighty web-slinger in various situations and predicaments, all serving as background to a gorgeous featured drawing that captures the superhero in all his spidery glory.

As seen in the original comics, Peter Parker isn’t the only one to ever don the Spider-Man suit. Various iterations of the character, and a different face behind the mask, are shown here, specifically Peter’s main love interest Mary Jane Watson.

The top two panels show a female Spider-Man in a darker suit, presumably Mary Jane, swinging through the air and hanging upside down, facing off against various villains. Next is a beautiful sunset shot in the center, with Spidey’s silhouette flying through the air, aside another panel showing him climbing up a building’s vertical facade.

Below those is a close-up of Spider-Man experiencing his unique, precognitive spider-sense. At the bottom left of the piece, we see Mary Jane removing the Spider-Man mask to reveal her face, next to another panel in which she swings through the air amongst buildings, slinging Spider-Man’s trademark webs. Finally, the lower right corner is an action shot of the original Spider-Man leaping, kicking and breaking through glass.

The images are kinetic and crisp, packing a punch that only a superhero can deliver. Claim your status as a Spider-Man super fan with this awesome textured print on MDF (medium-density fibreboard) that is surrounded by a stylish and sleek MDF black frame that complements the print.

Perfect for the playroom, kids’ bedroom, or even the office, this piece is sure to draw the attention of fellow comic book and superhero fans all around.

Contains one framed wall art print with one saw-tooth hanger.

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Weight 1.75 lbs
Package Dimensions 19 × 1 × 13 in


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