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Round Bottle Opener – Quality Barbecue


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Are you an amateur grill-master? A barbecue connoisseur? This vintage style wooden sign, complete with a classic distressed look and the bold silhouette of a pig, makes a perfect decoration for a kitchen, home bar, outdoor patio, or wherever premium quality BBQ might be appreciated.

Say goodbye to digging through your kitchen drawers for a bottle opener, or trying to remove a cap with a flimsy keychain! This wall-mounted bottle opener is designed to serve a dual purpose as both fun decor and a useful tool. A special tray is built-in to catch all the bottle caps, so you can enjoy food and drink with friends without worrying too much about cleanup.

Mount this to your wall, and you have a great excuse to throw a BBQ.

Contains 1 piece of wall decor with 1 bottle opener and cap catcher

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Package Dimensions 14 × 3.25 × 14 in


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