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Shaped Metal Bottle Opener – Cold Beer


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If there’s one rule when it comes to drinking, it’s that no working is allowed while doing so.

We know it’s always beer time when you’re at home in your man cave. We also know you love your carved out cave, your drinking den, your palace for you and your pals; so why not add this convenient metal bottle opener and cap catcher to your kingdom.

Fashioned to resemble an oversized beer and outfitted with a built-in cap catcher, this fun and functional wall decor will blend in perfectly with you home bar, man cave, or ideally suitable as a gift to your favorite local pub. The vibrant and colorful bottle opener is adorned with a beautiful graphic of a woman and a lovely floral motif.

Say goodbye to digging through junk drawers for a bottle opener, or trying to remove a cap with a flimsy keychain. This wall-mounted metal bottle opener serves as both pleasing decor and a useful tool. A special tray is built-in to catch all the bottle caps, so you can skip worrying about cleanup.

Measuring 24” H x 7” W and outfitted with two keyhole slots for easy installation, this lightweight wall decor is super easy to install.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Package Dimensions 24 × 0.75 × 7 in


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